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Making an Offer

There are no wrong ways to make an offer, but some are better than others.

Please take a minute to click through the FAQs below. Then choose the offer method that works best for you.

 Why Are You Doing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)?

There are several reasons, but the most important is price. At $1.2mm a 5% commission is $60,000.

It's not that we have anything against real estate agents making money, but no matter how you slice it, $60,000 is a lot of money.

Given today's internet technology, online services, and instant communications, it's increasingly easy for buyers and sellers to find each other without intermediaries as evidenced by your reading this FAQ.

 What Good Does Your Saving Sales Commission Do Me as a Buyer?

A lot

It's true that technically the seller pays all the sales commissions, but in reality, the buyer pays too.

The buyer pays because the seller has to charge more for the house in order to pay the sales commissions. The more the commissions, the more the seller has to charge. It may not be dollar for dollar, but the seller definitely factors the sales commissions into the price of the house.

 Should I Use a Real Estate Agent to Make this Offer?

Not Recommended
It's to your financial advantage to work with us directly. If we can avoid a sales commission, we are that much closer to each other on the final price.*

As far as paper work is concerned, once a purchase agreement is signed and handed over to the escrow company it is the escrow officer's responsibility (not the agents') to insure the proper forms and procedures for closing the sale take place.

* We will not "work around" an agent. If you initially saw the home with a real estate agent, we advise you to submit your offer through that agent.

 What Are the Steps to Buying This House?

Submits a non-binding Purchase Offer

Provides disclosure information

Buyer & Seller
Negotiate details and finalize price

Buyer & Seller
Sign a binding Purchase Agreement

Buyer & Seller
Submit Purchase Agreement to escrow company

Buyer & Seller
Complete escrow process

 Do I Need an Attorney?

One of the great things about buying and selling a house in California is how standardized and routine the real estate documentation and transfer process are. All of which is overseen by the escrow company.

Unlike other states, there is no requirement and no need for an attorney.

 What Supporting Documents Should I have Ready?

The number one requirement is to provide third-party verification that you can afford to buy the home. Depending on your offer, you will need the following documentation:

Pre-Approval Letter
If you are going to take out a mortgage, you will need a letter from a recognized mortgage lender/broker noting the type and amount of loan you have been pre-approved for.

Financial Statements
If you are making an all cash offer, you will need current financial statements showing proof of funds to meet your escrow deposit and purchase amounts.

Escrow Documents
If your purchase is contingent on completing the sale of your current home, you will also need to have your escrow papers and closing status.

 How Do I Make an Offer?

Use the online offer form. It will automatically submit your offer and email you a confirmation copy for your records.

To use the online offer form, click the Make Online Offer button below.

Download the MS Word version of the online offer form. Follow the instructions to complete it and send it via email.

To download the form, click the Download Offer Form button below.

If you don't have access to a computer or email or are just testing the waters, outline your offer over the phone. We can then decide together on next steps.

Call 805-358-2277

In Person
If you are very serious about closing a deal and you know your bottom line, call to make an appointment. Present your offer either verbally or in writing. We will discuss it together and reach a conclusion in a few minutes.

Call 805-358-2277